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2016-2017 Lecture Series:

The Gallery Lecture Series highlights the breadth of interdisciplinary research and creative work found on the range of topics showcased each semester in the Haricombe Gallery. The Spring 2017 series features the following KU scholars:


James BeverFoundation Distinguished Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Senior Scientist, and Dr. Liz Koziol, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Wednesday, March 29 | 2:30-4:00 p.m. | Watson 3 West

Plant Microbiomes, Prairie Biodiversity and Agricultural Productivity

Plants, like humans, are strongly influenced by their microbiomes—the collection of microbes that live on and in their hosts. Bever and Koziol have found that plant microbiomes play major roles in structuring and maintaining the native prairies and forests that originally covered Kansas. Following conversion of most of the Kansas landscape to agriculture, Bever and Koziol have found that restoration of the native diversity is dependent upon restoring their native microbiomes. Their work on native plant microbiomes suggests new approaches to sustaining agricultural productivity. 


Wendy Picking, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and William Picking, Foundation Distinguished Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Director, Kansas Vaccine Institute

Wednesday, April 26 | 3-4:30 p.m. | Watson 3 West

Plants Vaccines are perhaps the greatest medical achievement in human history due to the number of lives saved. Despite their place at the forefront in preventing infectious diseases, cancers and more, vaccines are often not fully appreciated or understood by the general public. More importantly, in recent time vaccines have come under fire, as something of a victim of their own success. Wendy and William Picking have worked in the general area of bacterial virulence mechanisms for about 25 years. Over time, this research has morphed into educating students and the public on vaccine efficacy/safety and transitional research in the area of vaccine development.

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