Acquisitions & Resource Sharing

Name Title Email Phone
Lois Bauer Accountant 785-864-8885
Xiufen Bi East Asian Language Specialist, Program Assistant 785-864-8973
Pamela Bonham Library Assistant 785-864-8896
Carmen Campaneris Library Assistant 785-864-8891
Billie Conway Library Assistant 785-864-8894
Joel Cooper Library Assistant 785-864-8837
Eleonora Drury Library Manager 785-864-3535
Judith Emde Librarian, Special Projects Librarian 785-864-4931
Verna Froese Library Assistant 785-864-8835
Sunita Gandhi E-Resources Service Specialist, Library Associate 785-864-8897
Nishon Hawkins Library Manager 785-864-8895
Lars Leon Librarian, Resource Sharing Librarian, Head of Organizational Development 785-864-3073
Heather Mac Bean Licensing and Rights Management Specialist 785-864-3078
Sheila Orth Library Associate 785-864-5533
Debbra Peres Library Associate 785-864-6241
Angie Rathmel Associate Librarian, Head of Acquisitions & Resource Sharing 785-864-8834
Sarah Richardson Administrative Associate Sr. 785-864-8887
Marla Schleuder Library Associate 785-864-6213
Kristin Sederstrom Acquisitions & Resource Sharing Library Manager 785-864-4084
Laura Skarka Library Assistant 785-864-8893
Tina Spray Library Assistant 785-864-8886
JoAnna Traxler Accountant 785-864-8884
Evan Washecheck Research and Information Management Library Assistant 785-864-0097

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Top 50 nationwide for size of library collection
—American Library Association
KU ScholarWorks offers access to more than 13,000 items created by KU faculty and students
An international leader in the open access movement
Users check out nearly 300,000 items every year
Users access more than 3.3 million articles online each year
More than 111,000 scores, books, sound recordings, and other volumes in Music & Dance Library
Anschutz Library serves as KU’s 24-hour study facility for students
More than 700 Vosper Society members support the mission of KU Libraries
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities
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