Updates: 2014 3rd quarter

(July 1 - September 30)


Integrate information literacy, research skills and information resources into the curriculum to enhance critical thinking, academic success and lifelong learning.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 1.A. Cultivate educational outreach opportunities and learning initiatives to better prepare and support incoming and returning students.

Action 1.A.1: Implement a framework for high school outreach designed to support campus recruitment and retention efforts. IN PROGRESS

Action 1.A.2: Create a program of curricular consultation and outreach to high school teachers and school librarians at KU's top feeder schools. IN PROGRESS

  • Consulting with Office of Assessment to develop a survey for middle/high school teachers and librarians across Kansas and the Kansas City metro area, seeking their feedback regarding the college readiness online research resources the group previously developed (see: College Readiness Skills & Resources).
  • Engaged in on-going conversation with the College-Readiness Dialogues Workshop with the intent of holding representation on their planning committee and playing a significant role in the 2015 workshop.

Action 1.A.3: Collaborate with campus partners on a coordinated program of outreach and learning resources for transfer, first-generation and international students.

STRATEGY 1.B. Design and implement programming in support of campus-level, first-year experience efforts and other retention and persistence activities.

Action 1.B.1: Create programming and curricular support to integrate library resources and information literacy concepts into the Common Book program.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

Action 1.B.2: Develop a coordinated information literacy and research skills program for first-year seminar courses.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

Action 1.B.3: Collaborate with the Learning Community program to develop and support information literacy in the curriculum.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

STRATEGY 1.C. Develop and implement a collaborative and programmatic approach to outreach and research education for graduate students.

Action 1.C.1: Develop and expand outreach, instruction and consulting services designed to enhance graduate students’ ability to discover, access, and analyze needed scholarly resources.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

Action 1.C.2: Coordinate outreach and integration of information literacy concepts into GTA instructional and training programs to support their teaching role. IN PROGRESS


  • Reconfigured focus as the new Information Literacy Integration CFI and developed new membership.
  • Initiated engagement with the American Studies Dept. in a pilot program which would support their GTA's instructional and training efforts.

Action 1.C.3: Partner to integrate research and information literacy skills into research methods courses and other graduate program curricula.

STRATEGY 1.D. Design and construct instructional modules and resources for use with in-person, hybrid, online and distance learning environments.

Action 1.D.1: Develop "best practices" for the design of pedgogically sound, active and adaptive learning tool. 

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

Action 1.D.2: Partner with the Center for Online and Distance Learning and collaborate with individual department/schools to embed the Libraries in online and distance learning activities.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

Action 1.D.3: Collaborate with campus, state and regional partners to develop online, reusable teaching modules, digital learning objects, tutorials and assignments. IN PROGRESS

  • Reconfigured focus as the new Information Literacy Integration CFI and developed new membership.

Action 1.D.4: Integrate digital learning objects strategically into KU courses.

Accomplishments: Action Operationalized

STRATEGY 1.E. Cultivate and promote collaboration with teaching faculty, department administration and other campus partners to integrate information literacy concepts at the campus, degree and course levels.

Action 1.E.1: Develop an instruction and outreach plan for integration of information literacy and critical thinking skills into the undergraduate curriculum at all levels and potential entry points. IN PROGRESS

  • Reconfigured focus as the new Information Literacy Integration CFI and developed new membership.

Action 1.E.2: Design and deliver innovative programs that support the KU Core curriculum and other university-wide educational initiatives, especially those emphasizing learner outcomes and curriculum improvement. IN PROGRESS

  • Reviewed KU Core Goals & Outcomes, ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and American Studies courses within the KU Core in order to prepare for upcoming consultations with the American Studies Dept.

Action 1.E.3: Conduct professional development opportunities for KU classroom faculty on information literacy integration into programs, courses and assignments.

Action 1.E.4: Partner with faculty and department chairs to create targeted programs for incorporating information literacy competencies progressively across the curriculum. IN PROGRESS


  • Initiated engagement with the American Studies Dept. in a pilot effort to incorporate information literacy competencies across their curriculum.
  • Reviewed American Studies courses within the KU Core and American Studies major requirements.
  • Developed an agenda for initial upcoming meeting with the American Studies Chair and Undergraduate Director.

Action 1.E.5: Experiment with new modes of delivering and utilizing credit-bearing courses for research skills acquisition.

Action 1.E.6: Develop and promote learning objects and modules for inclusion into the curriculum. IN PROGRESS


  • Reconfigured focus as the new Information Literacy Integration CFI and developed new membership.


Advance scholarship through proactive engagement in research and scholarly communication.

Strategies and Action Updates


Strengthen KU Libraries' position as an agile, responsive organization capable of continual improvement and change.

Strategies and Action Updates


Stabilize and grow existing funding sources, secure new funding opportunities and enhance public accountability.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 4.A. Achieve institutional funding levels equivalent to peer organizations.

Action 4.A.1: Explore an increase to the current $1 per credit hour library fee. IN PROGRESS


  • Secured support from the Student Advisory Board to seek a student fee increase in FY15.

Action 4.A.2: Research the potential for a new Required Campus Fee (RFC) designed to expand library services and enhance facilities.

Action 4.A.3: Ensure vital library support for major initiatives by securing a portion of funds earmarked to support institutional advancement.

STRATEGY 4.B. Seek grants for the Libraries as an organization and for individual library faculty and staff research initiatives.

Action 4.B.1: Establish structures and staffing within the libraries to support and coordinate grants. IN PROGRESS


  • Adjusted membership and transitioned to new leadership of the Grants CFI.

Action 4.B.2: Develop organizational expertise in the application and administration of external grants. IN PROGRESS

  • Adjusted membership and transitioned to new leadership of the Grants CFI.

STRATEGY 4.C. Increase Donor Support.

Action 4.C.1: Revise our donor communications strategy and tactics to align with Far Above, the university’s comprehensive campaign.

Accomplishments: Action operationalized

Action 4.C.2: Create and grow partnerships to expand our potential donor base.

Accomplishments: Action operationalized

Action 4.C.3: Prioritize and expand fundraising goals to support the Libraries’ strategic priorities.

Accomplishments:Action operationalized

Action 4.C.4: Expand engagement efforts and activities at the local, state, regional and national level. IN PROGRESS

  • Held 21 national, regional and statewide donor engagement events with KUAA from April to October, reaching nearly 900 alumni and potential donors.
    • Saw continued successful implementation of a plan (with KU Endowment) to ensure engagement prospective major donors from these events.
    • Continued successfully implementation of a plan (with KUAA) to improve communication with and solicit annual gifts from event attendees.
  • Secured partnership with the Center for Community Engagement & Outreach, the Commons and Lawrence Public Library for Read Across Lawrence 2015.
  • Hosted or participated in events for KU Endowment, including Behind the Beak and the Watkins Society luncheon.
  • Built a consortium of donors in support of the Shulenburger fund.

Action 4.C.5: Investigate additional fee-based service models to provide needed services to companies, alumni and others. IN PROGRESS

  • Developed user interface for database access.
  • Implemented related marketing program to KU alumni.
  • Launched database access in July 2014.

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