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Standing Charges The Committee on Promotion and Tenure (LCPT) is the committee required by Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations Article VI. It shall review the qualifications and performance of all members of the Library Faculty who are to be considered for promotion, award of tenure, or non-reappointment, and make recommendation to the University Committee on Promotion and Tenure in accordance with the guidelines accepted by the University of Kansas for granting promotions and tenure for librarians. Its recommendations, together with those of the Dean of Libraries, shall be forwarded to the Office of the Provost for consideration by the University Committee on Promotion and Tenure. The Committee on Promotion and Tenure also acts as the Libraries’ Progress toward Tenure Review (PTTR) committee. It shall review the qualifications and performance of all members of the Library Faculty who are scheduled to be evaluated in their progress toward tenure. Once the Committee completes its review, the complete files with the Committee’s recommendations will be sent to the Dean of Libraries. The Committee shall review annually the criteria established by the University Libraries in accordance with the aforesaid guidelines and recommend to the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly revisions of these criteria, as necessary. It shall also recommend the procedures used for the preparation of dossiers for librarians under review for progress toward tenure and consideration for promotion and/or tenure. The Committee shall present its recommendations to the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly for approval. The first meeting of the Committee each year shall be called by the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly Executive Committee no later than the first week of August; the first order of business shall be to select a presiding officer and a recording secretary. The Committee on Promotion and Tenure shall be composed of five tenured library faculty members with a minimum of three librarians from the Librarian rank, – all to be elected by members of the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly eligible to vote (see 2.2.1 supra).  Members of the Committee shall ordinarily serve three years with overlapping terms to provide continuity. Members may not ordinarily succeed themselves without one year intervening. Should there be a vacancy that will impact the Committee’s work, qualified members of the Library Faculty (including someone who has just served on LCPT) will be nominated by LFPA Executive Committee for a special election to serve the remainder of the term. A librarian who is seeking promotion may not stand for election or serve on the Committee during the year in which he or she will be reviewed for promotion. A librarian who has a domestic or familial relationship to the librarian being reviewed for progress toward tenure or being considered for tenure or promotion may not serve on the Committee during that year. A unit head or supervisor of a librarian being considered for promotion or tenure may not serve on the Committee during the year. No librarian may serve simultaneously on the Library Committee on Promotion and Tenure and the University Committee on Promotion and Tenure. The Committee shall function as a unit with all members present. Each shall have the full privilege of voice and shall vote in all proceedings except those in which the vote is specifically denied by Section or Section, or when by a majority vote, the Committee disqualifies a member from discussion, voting, or both because his or her relationship to the matter under discussion is judged prejudicial by the Committee. Regarding the membership required to review a file, only those tenured members, at or above, the rank for which the candidate is being nominated shall vote. If, due to unanticipated circumstances, (e.g. a recusal) there are fewer than three available members of the Committee on Promotion and Tenure qualified to vote in an individual case, the Library Faculty Executive Committee will appoint a qualified member of the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly to review and vote on that particular case (see 3.2.1 of the Bylaws). The Committee shall promptly notify the Dean in writing of its recommendation regarding progress toward tenure, promotion or tenure. The deliberations on individual cases involving non-reappointment, progress toward tenure, tenure, and promotion shall be held in strict confidence; discussion of such cases by Committee members shall be restricted to meetings of the Committee formally convened for the purpose.

Special Charges 2011-2012

Review and make recommendations to LFPA Exec on the three issues identified in the LCPT Final Report 2010-11, Ad Hoc Dossier Review Report, June 2011, prepared by Sherry Williams for LCPT:
1. Adequacy of the signature form developed last fiscal year;
2. Additional form attached to file specifying whether a person was being reviewed for: tenure, promotion, or, tenure with promotion;
3. Inclusion of more explanation about individual research products that you don’t normally see in a CV.

Special Charges 2010-2011

1. Upon completion of the ad hoc draft dossier review meetings, the Committee will prepare a brief report for LFPA Exec commenting on any outcomes, challenges, and suggestions for future ad hoc draft dossier review committees.

2. Review the committee webpage, including links to annual reports, minutes, and membership, on the LFPA Intranet.  Provide any suggested new information, links, and updates to the Secretary of LFPA Executive Committee. The website is the way this committee communicates to the full LFPA and should provide current and complete information.   

Special Charges 2009-2010

1. In the Spring Semester, review the new Promotion and Tenure Manual and revise as needed based on changes made to discipline expectations and criteria documents.

2. Review sections 6.3.1 (and subsections therein) in the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations describing initial, intermediate and final review in the tenure and promotion process. Make recommendations to LFPA Exec on whether, and to what degree the libraries current practices are aligned with these requirements and make recommendations for correction if necessary. Also note language used in P&T guidelines (pdf) on provost’s website which refers often to “initial review”. 

3. Since it has been a while since this committee’s charges have been reviewed, the committee is charged this year with reviewing all of its standing and special charges carefully. Consider what is needed and not needed in these charges, where the gaps or overlap exist with other committees’ charges and activities. Contact and confer with other LFPA committees or library entities if necessary and offer suggestions to reword the standing or special charges based upon your findings.

4. Review you webpage on the LFPA’s site—consider rewording the descriptive text or adding a paragraph summarizing the committee’s purpose if one does not exist right now. The website is the way this committee communicates out to LFPA. Also review links to annual reports, minutes, membership and provide suggested links and updates to the Secretary of LFPA Executive Committee.

Special Charges 2007-2008

1. The Committee shall produce minutes of all meetings within two weeks of a meeting taking place and will send those minutes to the LFA Exec Secretary (Jon Giullian) for posting on the LFA Web site.

2. The Chair of LCPT should work with the Libraries HR Officer to ensure a useful screening chart is available for use by committee members prior to review of any promotion, tenure, or sabbatical files.

3. LCPT should review (with the Libraries HRO) all information relating to promotion and tenure sent to candidates for vacant librarian positions to ensure the information is current and accurate.

4. Review P&T documentation on LCPT Web site for currency and accuracy.

5. Work with Code and Bylaws Committee to draft language that addresses LCPT's role in the progress towards tenure review (PTTR).

Special Charges 2006-2007

1. A meeting will be held with members of several of the most recent LCPT committees and the new Dean of Libraries as soon as possible to orient the Dean to the P&T/PTTR/Sabbatical process and to discuss basic guidelines (e.g. feedback to the PTTR candidates). Special care will be given to preparing the new Dean to meet with the new Provost, new Vice-Provost, and UCPT to discuss the tenure review process at the annual meeting in the fall.

2. LCPT will also work with the Dean to identify additional administrative support to provide consistent assistance to candidates and supervisors.

3. LCPT will co-sponsor, with LFA Exec, a panel discussion to talk about expectations for promotion from LII to LIII.

4. LCPT will work with the Mentoring Committee to clarify issues and concerns pertaining to a discussion that took place with mentees spring 2006. (see attached document.)

5. LCPT will work with LFA Exec to study the issue of mentors serving on LCPT when their mentees are due to go up for tenure or PTTR.

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