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Cataloging and Archival Processing

Name Title Email Phone
Fisher Adwell Library Assistant 785-864-9310
Andrew Allen Library Assistant 785-864-0488
Roger Anderson Sound Archives Librarian 785-864-4526
Mary Ann Baker Library Associate 785-864-2035
Erika Dickey Head of Inventory Records Managment 785-864-8942
Wanda Dyer Library Associate 785-864-8892
Sally Haines Special Collections Librarian 785-864-2036
Nancy Hollingsworth Library Associate 785-864-2032
Sonja Holmgren Library Assistant 785-864-3036
Marcella Huggard Archives and Manuscripts Coordinator 785-864-6306
Jennifer Johnson Head of Spencer Processing Non-Manuscripts and Inventory 785-864-8977
Miloche Kottman Head of Cataloging and Archival Processing 785-864-3916
Nancy Larsen Library Associate 785-864-8940
Laura Maloney Library Assistant 785-864-3524
Meghan Misenhelter Library Assistant 785-864-3099
Tahirih Mullen Head of Database Quality Unit 785-864-8978
Brenda Owens Library Assistant 785-864-8988
Erin Pfannenstiel Library Associate 785-864-3045
Michael Readinger Coordinator, SRL Manuscripts Processing 785-864-2029
John Richardson Associate Librarian 785-864-8936
Cynthia Rivera Library Assistant 785-864-8928
Daniel Sauerwein Library Assistant 785-864-8915
Daniel Sodders Library Associate 785-864-8977
Kelly Sudbeck Library Assistant 785-864-8836
Lynn Ward Library Assistant 785-864-4926

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